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quote square rolex. i am here with columnist and fox news contributor. jedediah bila. if hilarity was a bike tire i would pop in twice a month. and in germany he is a yoga mat. my sidekick bill schulz. anyway, she is so sharp she sleeps on a dart board. next to me kennedy special correspondent as well as and tv contributor. and they will try to make you think that his stories don't think. our new york times correspondent. >> today in the international section, it is the continued outrage over russia's ban on u.s. adoptions. thank the reverse isn't true. enter porch, are you looking forward to the moscow times becoming your new daddy, old chum? >> in russia is it sunny?
>> hello everyone. happy new year. you too monica. welcome to the journal. >> ok. happy new year to you and you as well. coming up in this half-hour last minute compromise. the u.s. senate approves a deal on the budget. >> people all over the world celebrate the arrival of the new year. >> a big price hike for alcohol in russia. but will russians drink less? well, talk about waiting until the last minute. in washington republicans and democrats reached a compromise in the senate to avert a crushing package of tax hikes and spending cuts. the deal still needs approval in the house. the u.s. is not out of the woods yet. >> president obama said the agreement fell short of what both sides wanted but that it was the right thing to do for the country. >> senators passed the bill with 89-8. after months of wrangling, lawmakers ended their deadlock. >> i know i can speak for my conference when i say we don't think taxes should go up on anyone. but if we knew if we did nothing they would be going up on everyone. >> the bill heads to the republican controlled house of representatives and c
heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur >>> happy new year! you're watching fox news all american new year! >> one hour from now, one hour from 2013. they did a good job. >> it's very enthusiastic. >> good evening, america. welcome to our all american new years i'm live here in the heart of times square. >> hi sh everybody. happy new year, thank you for being here with us. for more than 100 years they've dropped the ball on midnight each new year's eve. we're joined about about a million people here. with a billion people watching this thing on television sets around the world. >> this is the place to be. everybody is waiting to see what new york does when the clock strikes midnight in one hour, we're watching two countdowns tonight. one up there, one here, the first one going to be more fun that. is where we start start. >> and you probably sensed we weren't going to see the fiscal cliff. >> i didn't say fiscal cliff. >> that was a reverence to the cliff. >> the word fiscal and cliff did not emerge from my lips. >> and in tonight's show
, what the new law will mean for you and why the victims of superstorm sandy feel left in the lurch. >>> out of the hospital. late word tonight that hillary clinton has been released from the hospital. >>> constant craving. is one of the most popular ingredients in the american diet making us overeat. tonight, what ntists are able to see for the first time. >>> and making a difference. rebuilding a great american city with a simple bowl of soup and a lot of good ideas. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening, i'm kate snow in tonight for brian. after weeks of negotiations and last-minute hold-ups over the fiscal cliff, congress late last night finally passed an agreement on taxes and spending. in a moment, we'll tell you what that legislation means for every american. but it's what the house did not do last night that caused an uproar today. lawmakers left before considering a bill to help victims of superstorm sandy, and that had republicans from hard-hit states taking aim at leader
♪ ♪ ♪ >>> this morning on "first look," they missed the deadline but two hours into the new year the senate voted in favor of a budget deal that now goes to the house and president obama wants action today. >>> revelers from around the globe, from rio de janeiro and beyond, welcome 2013 with a bang. and a few peculiar traditions. >>> we say good-bye to the safest year in air travel forever and say hello to over 400 new laws. good morning on this first day of january and a happy wonderful new year to you all. i'm bill karins. it's up to the house. they're expected to take up a senate measure approved just hours after midnight aimed at halting an enormous tax hike for all but the wealthiest of americans from taking effect. 89 in favor, 8 no-votes coming from three democrats and five republicans. nbc's steve handelsman has the latest details from capitol hill. good morning and happy new year to you. >> reporter: bill, thanks, good morning on capitol hill. members of both political parties who badly want these middle class taxes rolled back fa fast, "what the senate did this morning
an hour and 15 minutes. >> and thank you. thank you very much. happy new year, new york. first, let me acknowledge and thank the greatest part or a governor could ever have, lt. governor bob duffy -- partner a governor could ever have, lt. governor bob duffy. the question about, can one person make a difference, he has made a tremendous difference all across the state. let's give him another round of applause. [applause] to the elected and legislative to have been introducede before -- [applause] attorney general eric schneiderman, thank you for being here. senators, pleasure to be with you. i want to thank them for their leadership. the legislative accomplishments to really turn this state around. they were difficult and challenging because it went to the real heart of the issues. at this time i would ask the assembly and senate to stand so you can be recognized for your great work. [applause] members of the court, welcome to all of you. [applause] the capital looks a little bit different than it did over the past few years. the renovation has been complete. it was accelerated. it was
. ironman, superman star track and hunger games saga. >>> it's the start of the new year and we have to look forward to times. but before we say our final good-byes to 2012 we will look at the best and worst of the year as good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> legally saying i do same sex couples in maryland spent the new year's celebration at the altar tying the knot. we are live with more on the big night. and the senate strikes a deal hours after the clock strikes 12. now the measure on the fiscalcliff is in the hands of the house. we will learn what they agreed upon to prevent us from falling off the cliff. and with the fiscal cliff close to being averted, what about the debt limit for the credit cards of the country. it's almost maxed out and congress want to raise it. we will tell you about that on this tuesday, january 1st. good morning, and happy new year. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. hope your day is off to a great start. mike masco made it in and came in from the inner harbor where
>>> they missed the deadline but just two hours into the new year, the senate voted in favor of a budget deal that now goes to the house and president obama are wants action today. >>> revelers around the globe from rio de janeiro welcome 2013 with a bang with a few peculiar traditions. >>> we say good-bye to the safest air travel ever, and we say hello to over 400 new laws. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, january 1st, 2013. >>> good morning, on this first day of january, i'm bill karins. now it's all up to the house today. they're expected to take up a senate measure approved just hours after midnight and it's halting an enormous tax hike for all but the wealthiest of americans from taking effect. nbc's steve handelsman has all the latest details from capitol hill where it's been a very long night. good morning and happy new year to you, steve. >> reporter: bill, thanks. up here on capitol hill, members of both political parties who badly want these middle class taxes rolled back fast, quote, what the senate did this morning m
the year. we have the greatest fans on the planet. thank you. we also wish a happy new year to bob and dana. cheers to you guys. here is to making my prediction the reality. "the five" number one in 2013. let's do it everybody. of course to the troops whose commitment to freedom keeps us safe, sound and secure. thanks to all. good night, everyone. be careful out there tonight. let's do this. >> kimberly: happy new >>> happy new year! you're watching fox news all american new year! >> one hour from now, one hour from 2013. they did a good job. >> it's very enthusiastic. >> good evening, america. welcome to our all american new years i'm live here in the heart of times square. >> hi sh everybody. happy new year, thank you for being here with us. for more than 100 years they've dropped the ball on midnight each new year's eve. we're joined about about a million people here. with a billion people watching this thing on television sets around the world. >> this is the place to be. everybody is waiting to see what new york does when the clock strikes midnight in one hour, we're watching two count
the american people hate congress. it is why they hate them. >> that was new jersey's governor chris christy one of the republicans that critized the fact that john bone bone's house of representative refused to hold a vote onll to n hurricane relief. they approved a smaller chunk on friday. 9.7 billion and promising to hold more votes and this is how the media jumped on that. newark star ledger. christy rips gop on sandy bill delay. from the philadelphia inquirer. christy, shame on congress. cnn, called it a bomb shell. is that too much dralm ajim? >> well, i mean, it works for christydoesn't it? the governor of new jersey set himself up as a figure looking down with mostly scorn at the democrats and republicans in terms of the middle of the country that feels anti-congress . not all that keen on president obama either it is a pretty good position. >> she - on he does have to run for reelection. >> the decision to delay the vote to make sure the money was well spent. bill kristol defended it. >> it is indefensible and we talk about well spent money, shut down the entire congress. come on, i
. is this okay? all right. all right. [ laughter ] all right. first of all, happy new year to everyone. this is what i'm looking forward to every year and i know the merchants and residents and all the small businesses are excited. a year ago board of supervisors president david chiu and i and members of the community discussed how we can continue the economic vitality of the city and clearly we registered a big support for small businesses. i wanted to make sure that everybody neighborhood in the city has a chance of cultural celebrations. when it comes to chinese new year, there is a huge celebrate in chinatown. we're a huge destination for visitors, a lot of people come to chinatown to celebrate chinese new year. as people come here, we wanted to help our small businesss with offering some additional space for them, but also make it even safer for our pedestrians. because if you have ever observed chinatown during the chinese new years, and david and i have been quite specific observers about this. you will see families and kids walk into the street in the middle of big buses and c
of cultural celebrations. when it comes to chinese new year, there is a huge celebrate in chinatown. we're a huge destination for visitors, a lot of people come to chinatown to celebrate chinese new year. as people come here, we wanted to help our small businesss with offering some additional space for them, but also make it even safer for our pedestrians. because if you have ever observed chinatown during the chinese new years, and david and i have been quite specific observers about this. you will see families and kids walk into the street in the middle of big buses and cars coming in. we didn't want that to happen. we didn't want anybody's safety to be compromised as we celebrate this new year's. because that would obviously be a serious hindrance. our public health director barbara garcia and transportation director ed reiskin, public works agencis, our wastewater management, our police department, we have all gotten together to say how can we do this smarter with our small businesses, our chinese chamber, our stockton street merchant association and all work together to make this a
and it comes from new household formation, second homes, to some extent, and it comes from replacing dilapidated housing. i think that is the reason it slowed down more than anything else >> we can take another last question. >> congressman miller, the challenge was for mrp to sit down with your organization and talk price. when should we come down and sit down with your organization about price? >> we have had a few sit down. we could probably sell tickets to those said downs. [laughter] we could probably make a lot of money. >> i want to take more -- one more actual audience question. there is this person in the fourth row -- >> , i am from the mortgage bankers association. you mentioned you are working with these communities to develop solutions that make the most sense. do you plan to extend that to the level of working with the political leadership in these communities to develop tailored appraisal and valuation methodologies that make the most amount of sense for the communities individually? tailored.t taylor d the law dictates eminent domain. if we agreed on price, all of a s
[cheers] 4, 3, 2, 1 -- >> and with that, 2013 arrived in baltimore. good morning and happy new year. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. our first broadcast of 2013. >> it was not that bad. temperatures mostly stayed above freezing. the cloud cover helped the temperatures. we are tracking minimal chances for rain. it should be pleasant. the winds are calm. 37 in pasadena. highs will be up near 40 degrees with mostly cloudy skies and maybe a sprinkle or a flurry. that moisture we have been tracking is basically falling apart. we are tracking some accidents in traffic. >> we have one accident at greenspring on the inner loop in the pikesville region. it is off to the right shoulder. it is creating some attention on the inner loop at greenspring. westbound liberty road, we still have some of downed wires blocking the right lane. up to speed on the north side. everything okay on the rest of the major roadways. a nice start on all of the major roadways with one exception and greenspring. 95 checks out ok at the fort mchenry tunnel. that is
of "today" on this new year's morning, tuesday, the 1st day of january, 2013. we want to wish everyone at home a happy and healthy new year. i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist and natalie morales. al has the morning off. happy 2013. >> shchampagne the morning afte. i'm up for it. >> we've probably had enough champagne by now. >> little hair of the -- look who is talking over here. >> half empty or half full? >> you're halfway home the way i look at it. >> you just think of your night as continuing. >> it is. >> keep on drinking. >> meanwhile, we'll get this party started with our take three, two very funny people joining the bench, offering their take on the hot topics of the new year. >> you might already have a little cabin fever from that cold weather, though we're just two weeks into winter. from miami's art deco district to the shores of the french r riviera, these places affordable and fun. no time like now to start planning that vacation. >> my bags are packed. >> or leave on vacation. >>> if you want to make something special for your loved ones today, two del
the celebrations with a big bang. almost $7 million worth of fireworks. new zealand also burst into the new year earlier than most countries. with colorful explosions over auckland's sky tower. the party to usher in 2013 spread to asia. hong kong's victoria harbor hosted its biggest ever fireworks display. >> happy new year! >> reporter: shanghai counted down. and buddhist monks rank in the new year in tokyo. the pope celebrated new year's eve with a service at the vatican, saying reflection and prayer can help heal wounds and that goodness prevails in a world that sometimes delivers evil. heading east, there were scenes of beauty, like in red square in moscow. one of the biggest celebrations in the world and perhaps the most iconic is right here in times square. hundreds of thousands gathered here to watch the famous waterford crystal ball drop, despite very chilly temperatures. wishing you a very happy new year in times square, wendy gillette, abc news. >> 2013. can you believe it? you're rocking it. >> i've got my 2013 goggles, a new perspective on life. >> here in new york city last night, t
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> we are going to check and with all our reporters. on the scene. >> 1, 2, 3. >> happy new year. we will see you. >> jacqueline: it is definitely called out there tonight. we did see cloud coverage that is why it is willie called right now, right now it is freezing. 30's through vallejo. 40's and san jose. mostly clear. and 20's bay-area wide card with frost and mostly sunny skies. for this week, we will keep it cold but have it for a warmer afternoon. taking a look,. >> coming up, the fiscal cliff, details coming up. >> the writers of a firing some of their coaches but not their head coach. and the 49ers, heading off to the playoffs. >> rain in the new year. raininrating and rining in the new year ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. ".auld lang syne music" ash >>> hundreds of thousands of people crowded into new
♪ [ music ] >> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> happy new year. i am heather cheryledilders. it is january 1st, 2013. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". we begin with fox news alert. shy of the deadline the senate passed a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> that goes to the house for a vote. doug mcelway is live with what it all means. you have been up all night so have i, what do we have? >> little more than 2 hours after the deadline passed they passed a stopgap fiscal cliff bill that spares the vast majority of americans tax increases. it passed with broad bipartisan support the final vote was 89 yai's 8 nay's. they pent went to the floor to describe a flawed bill one of the best they could craft given the different priorities over the two parties for the last couple years. >> shouldn't be a model of how we do things but i think we can say we have done some good for the country. we have done some good for the country. we have taken care of the revenue side of this debate. >>> working through the night we have reached a deal with sen more mcconnel
george washington delivered the first state of the union in new york city on this day, in 1790, it has been the tradition of executive leaders to report on the condition of the nation and the state at the beginning of a legislative year. and so today it is my honor and pleasure to give you this report on the state of our state. one year ago, we were scheduled to gather on this second tuesday in january when our friend and colleague alice decroach passed suddenly the night before. causing us to delay this report. i miss his card work and kind spirit and think of him often in this job. i'm so pleased to see his wife here in this chamber as the duely elected member of the assembly continues his hard work and does honor to his memory. thank you. just three months ago, we were proceeding normally with our lives getting ready for a national election and the holidays to follow. then sandy hit. sandy was the worst storm to strike new jersey in our history. 346,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. nearly 7 million people and over 1,000 schools were without power. 116,000 new jerseyens were evac
tavern. >>> you're watching abc2 news, that station that works for you. now, abc2 news at 11:00. >> updating breaking news on this new year's eve. whathappens now that both sides have reached a deal on the fiscal cliff. >> i'm so excited. >> the kounlt down to the new year means very soon some same same-sex couples will be tying the knot in maryland. >> will there be snow or rain tomorrow, we'll talk about it. >> and we're working for you safety tips you need to know before you break open the buply. . >> and bebegin -- we begin with a live look at the crowd in downtown baltimore. thousandspacking the harbor to ring in the new year with the annual fireworks display. the strokeof midnight will bring an exchanging of rings for some of maryland's same sex couples. >> christian, this couple has spent 12 years together now they will marry one minute after midnight when it's legal to do so in maryland. we have seen football players and fast food owners speak up on the issue. now the celebrations begin. . >> . >> 12 years of dating and finally the day comes, she's getting her
to breaking news regarding a fatal fire in baltimore. joining usabanji is more on what is happening. >> good morning. past 30 minutes we learned a second person has died in this fire. baltimore city fire officials reported all this happened in the 3000 block of montebello , a couple miles north of the inner harbor of baltimore where this is taking place. the fire initially started around 11:30 last night. -- the 3000 block of montebello terrace. it was around 11:30 they fire.ded to this it was fully involved when they got there. scene hadder on the pull them out of the house because the intensity was too much. called in for a 2nd alarm manpower.dditional then they were able to go into the house. they located the body of one victim inside don't. there were seven adults living e including one pregnant woman. five were able to escape. them were taken to hospital for evaluation. confirmed the second fatality. we are following is breaking the city of baltimore have additional for you as the newscast continues this morning. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, president signed a bill into
will like to invite mayor lee and our guests to unveil and dedicate the 2013 lunar new year stamp, year of the snake (chinese). >> i would like to invite representatives from oca and the chinese benevolent association to join us. (applause) >> let me welcome everyone for coming out to this great kickoff event. mayor lee, supervisor chiu, distinguished guests from the community, city family, all of us coming together. last year we held a pilot project on stockton street to help the merchants and support the merchants in selling their merchandise. we were able -- we were very successful. we got a lot of great feedback from the pilot. so this year again, we are doing the second year of the pilot. all the agencies and the community and the merchants, we got together, and talked about how we can do better. and without further delay, i will ask the mayor to come and say a few words, who is a big supporter of this project. mayor lee. >> thank you mohammed. [ applause ] >> i am very happy to be here. is this okay? all right. all right. [ laughter ] all right. first of all, happy new year
back and forth between meeting rooms here on capitol hill on what is normally a quiet new year's eve. the major sticking point now is spending. the president suggested lawmakers take action on deficit reduction in the next few months and that more tax revenue could be involved in those discussions, but republicans are furious at that possibility. >> i'm willing to support revenues to deal with this problem. the overall problem. but what i will not agree to is using revenues to replace spending reductions. >> reporter: even if the senate approves the deal by midnight, the house still has to pass the measure before the president can sign it into law. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. >> that process could take a couple of days but lawmakers say it could be made retroactive but no matter what kind of deal is made, your paycheck will likely shrink in 2013. jessica doyle with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: whether or not you think congress can pull off some sort of fiscal cliff compromise before major economic fallout sets in, there's one thing you need to be prepared
because it's past midnight east coast time but on this new year's eve late night work continues in washington to avoid tax hike and budget cut. democrat voting on the deal between the white house and congressional republicans in the senate. karen travers has the latest development from capitol hill. >> don't start popping the champagne just yet but my knowledge step to avoid the fiscal cliff tonight. after days of intense negotiations, the white house and senate republicans reached a deal. tonight vice president biden went up to capitol hill to sell it to senate democrats. >> happy new year. >>reporter: biden swooped in at the 11th hour to hammer out an agreement. that would permanently extend the bush tax cut for individual making under 400,000. household making under 4 50,000. raise estate tax for those value at more than 5 million dollars. and extend unemployment benefits for one year for some two million people. those automatic spending cuts go into effect in the new year, they will be postponed for two months. and paid for by other spending cuts. the house could t
. >> abc 7 news has been monitoring the back and north and joins usry. mark, safe to say we may go over the cliff but not to a crash landing. >> you're right that. is a good way to put it. just hours until the fiscal cliff deadline, house republicans have pulled a plug. this, after both senate and white house made it clear a deal was very close. >> president obama told supporters this afternoon that there has been progress in avoiding a hike in middle class tax autos preventing that tax hike has been my top priority. >> the president said the deal being worked outwqjx between the senate republican leader mcconnell and vice president will extend current tax rates for households making up to $450,000 per year, increasing estate tax rate from 35% to 40%, and extend unemployment benefits one year. sticking spoint how long to push off massive mandatory spending cuts to the pentagon and domestic program goesing into affect in the new year, democrats want a one year extension, republicans insifrting on sooner. the president issued this warning about cuts only strategy. >> if they think that is
bridge towe. we have several new developments to report. the coast guard says it warned the shape by radio it was in dangerous and the coast guard is calling it a major marine casualty because this is more than half a million in damage. here is a look from treasure island the overseas "overseas raymar" that remains anchored in san francisco bay. this is a live picture there, you can see it is lit up and, again, there will be boarding this morning, so that crews can continue to investigate. overhead, coast guard investigators were on before the tanker and they interviewed the bar pilot, guy kleess at the helm of where the accident occurred and he has passed an alcohol test, the results of a drug test yet pending. more on the investigation in 30 minutes. >> we have been tweeting about this since the story broke. you can keep up by following abc7 news bay area open twitter and more at including a slide show with pictures of the damage. >> a peninsula community is mobilizing to prepare for a possible flood along the creek because major damage in a storm last month. amy ho
. thank you. ♪ that's what we dishin' 'bout >>> good morning to you. welcome to fox 5 morning news. it is the beginning of a new year! the first day of the new year and people are clearly celebrating and happy as they normally are this time of the year. >> it is perhaps the most famous new year's celebration of them all that we are taking a look at. morning a million people braved the chilly temperatures to watch the ball drop in times square. about a billion more watched on tv. it is tuesday, january 1st, 2013. happy new year, everyone. it is hard to believe we are starting a new one. let's hope this one is great. >> we're off to a good start already. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> let's say hello to tucker barnes. >> happy new year to both of you and to everybody at home. this is how we do it here on the early show. let's take a look at the radar. there we go. we've got a mix of clouds and parts of the area getting some clearing at this hour. a few light sprinkles off to the west. we have a lot of clouds around. it is possible that we could get a couple of light
>>> making news in america this morning, happy new year, everybody. >> from here in new york, all the way across the nation, it is a new year. time for a fresh start and time to find solutions to some nagging problems. >> yeah, among them the fiscal cliff which we have all gone over at least technically speaking, but an overnight vote in the senate is a step towards fixing that. >> new details about the condition of secretary of state hillary clinton and the precarious place where doctors found her blood clot. >> all right, on this new year's day college football's biggest bowl games get under way. if the action late last night is anything to go by we have a lot of excitement awaiting us. >>> good morning, happy new year, everybody. i'm john muller in for rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. happy new year, everyone. what better way to start off than scenes from new york. more than a million folks crowding into times square, to see the famous ball drop welcoming in 2013 but you wouldn't know anything special happened now because look at this. everybody has gone home and almost all of t
year in syria. the new war in gaza. penn state, trayvon martin. 2012 sucked which is why it's worth it to chronicle the things that do not suck. that did not suck about this year. legitimately without irony or only with a trace amount. behold a year much less than you remember it sucking. everybody on this show is a 13-year-old boy. drawing a circle around the florida panhandle is funny. he's then putting his hands on it. members of my staff were swearing that putting shapes on florida is always problematic. yes, i get it. i get it less than most people. i do see something in the associat associated mess map. mitt romney won in orange, gingrich won in red. they totally saw it today. social security a giraffe. best new thing in the world today. you are grounded, staffers. this photo of mitt romney in iowa in october 2007 is the greatest campaign trail photo. in 2008 the gettings were so good that the famous romney fudge photo had a close second runner up with this one. remember this one. i still have no idea what was going on. between our winner and first runner up obviously, 2008 wi
to call them right away. we're live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> cornell, thank you. >> sacramento police have made an arrest in a deadly shooting that forced police to cancel the new year's eve fire works show. >> yes. someone at a fight in a bar in old sacramento last night. an employee tried to break it up. and killed. armed security guard on the gunman got into a shootout. >> about 100 people just scattered. >> immediately so, much people were running and falling down. >> mayhem. just scary. >> a security guard and two other people were injured andz;ç a police officer grabbed the suspect as he tried to get away. police have to call off the new year's eve party. it's it through 40,000 people. >> an this new year's day, we turn our attention to continuing battle over the infamous fiscal cliff in the hands in the u.s. house of representatives. >> republicans were balking at the deal. the speaker of the house has not even call forward a vote yet. >> now, following the fate of the compromise, show this go something. >> this senate passed its compromise fix at 2:00 this morning. it'
>>> good morning, everybody. happy new year to you. good to be with you. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. while revelers ring in the new year, the senate is also celebrating. just a few hours ago it overwhelmingly passed a bill to avert the fiscal cliff. now president obama is calling on the house to pass the bill without delay. the bill stops most of the tax hikes and spending cuts that were to kick in at midnight. tara mergener is in washington with more this morning. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. well, a deal is now on the books to avert some of the impact of the fiscal cliff which technically we have gone over. now it is up to the house. in the early morning hours of new year's day, the senate began voting on a bill to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> reporter: the senate voted 89-8 to avoid tax hikes for 99% of all americans. >> this shouldn't be the model for how we do things around here. but i think we can say we've done some good for the country. >> r if the bill eventually becomes law, the bus
$10 billion worth of storm relief. >>> and as a new session of congress is sworn in, so is a record number of women lawmakers. >>> full house. nearly every student from sandy hook elementary school is in attendance as classes resume for the first time since last month's tragic shooting. >>> and on thin ice. two teenagers find themselves stranded and in need of rescue on a frozen lake. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, january 24th, 2013. >>> good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the 113th congress has been sworn in, and today the house takes up its first piece of business, the bill of providing aid to victims of superstorm sandy. john boehner was re-elected as speaker of the house, but he sparked a flood of criticism from within his own party. tara mergener is in washington this morning. tara, good morning to you. >>> terrell, the speaker changed course after an angry backlash for the delay. it's the first of two votes to send up $60 million in aid to the victims of superstorm sandy. he's trying to rebuild his home but
a special memorial service inside of st. clum yurks joining together ])r&s in the new year.treet >> violence in other parts of the bay area as well, police recovered a handgun they believe was used in a deadly shooting today adding to the city's high homicide rate. the shooting happened on louis road just blocks from the santa clara county fair grounds, police called to the shortly before 9:30. they arrived and found a man dying from one gunshot wound two. people have been detained but police say the shooting is not gang related. >> there are some cameras. we haven't been able to pull up what is on cameras just yet. but investigators will be able to do that. >> there is a huge response to the shooting that is adding to strained police resources. the recent -- most, rather, since 1991. there were 53 murders. >> in santa clara count yes eem tlee people are wanted for the murder of a man killed in his home three weeks ago. a lot of agencies worked together to make this happen. >> you're right. the los gatos police department is the lead agency on this high profile case but there has been a lot
headquarters. nbc bay area news. >> now to a follow-up story that we brought to you over the weekend. new video from sfpd, it shows the suspect from a robbery that resulted in the death of a dog. here is the video now, it happened last friday. suspect approached a woman who pulled over from her car. the suspect demanded money which the woman handed over, she only had $5, frustrated the man grabbed her small dog named roxie and threw the dog in on coming traffic, the dog was hit by an on coming car and had to be put down because of her injuries. >>> passed the fiscal cliff and that is good news for the majority of american taxpayers but we are not getting off scott free. we are still going have to pay more taxes. scott? >> we will both on the federal level and to the state of california. but a lot less money than if there was no deal in washington. that is good news. also if you did dig into the new deal you will find something positive for silicon valley businesses. first the bad news. your probably going to have to pay more taxes. the majority of us, even with the deal to avoid the fiscal clif
. the 49ers jetted off to new orleans yesterday and even though the host city of news is expected to rake in big bucks this weekend, san francisco should get a boost. economists estimate the super bowl in new orleans will bring in $435 million for that city. another estimate claims that people in the hometown of super bowl contender like san francisco also get a boost, an income boost of $120 a year in personal income. for the 49ers ravens face-off fans throughout the country are expected to spend $11 billion on super bowl purchases from t- shirts to tv sets to beer. >> it is good for the economy,absolutely. there is a relationship between mood and spending and when people feel good they spend more. >> they feel good right now. >> they feel really good right now. very excited. >> reporter: people in san francisco are feeling good with the 49ers heading to the super bowl for the first time since 1995. psychology suggests that winning fans are big spenders and that means a winning season and winning the super bowl would be good for the economy in
john boehner will remain its speaker. tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, will this new congress be able to get up to speed quickly? >> reporter: well, they don't really have a choice, mara, because they have so much on their plate as you mentioned including the debt ceiling and the deficit. 113th congress takes its oath this afternoon with 56 new democrats, 38 new republicans and a record number of women. the youngest, hawaii yaes kelsey gabbert, a 31-year-old iraq war vet and the first hindu ever elected. john boehner is expected to be relegislated speaker today but 17 conservatives could derail that. he's already announced the first order of business a vote friday to provide billions to victims of superstorm sandy. >> the bottom line is between friday morning and january 15th, those two votes will bring in $60 billion that's absolutely necessary for new york, new jersey and connecticut. >> reporter: also tops on their agenda, raising the debt ceiling so america can borrow more to pay its bills. republicans will imsift on cutting spending first. >> the president is add
. there are signs of recovery here in the u.s. can it last? i spoke with the new book on the financial crash to find out how optimistic we should all be. >> you call the book after the music stops. the music started again. >> it has started a bit. you wanted to restart. we had a terrible crash. some of the people that deserve to be punished work punished. all this rescue is exactly about getting the system functioning again. >> the policies enacted in 2008 started by the obama administration? >> they got a big helping hand. unfortunately, a lot of the politics of america think that was a horrible thing to do. he wound of shoveling money in the direction of people who certainly did not deserve it. that is what needed to be done to resurrect the system and prevent a much worse outcome. >> you are right about that in the book. the american public's perception of the policies that were enacted. do you think america is hampered by a public antipathy toward the role of government? >> generally, yes. in this particular instance, not yet. i worry about the future. there will be financial successes in the fu
reports, the entire country is waiting to see what the house will do. a tense new year for house speaker john boehner, as he meets with fellow republicans, over whether to okay the fiscal cliff bill passed overwhelmingly by the senate. but gop lead verse not agreed to let the house vote or amend the bill. >> i think more members want this to pass than are willing to vote for it. you also have to be practical about what's the best deal you can get under the circumstances. >> reporter: vice president joe biden was back on the hill after helping to broker the senate deal. it spared the middle class a tax hike but raised taxes on those making over $400,000 a year. jobless benefits from extended for millions of unemployed but massive cuts to the military and other federal agencies were delayed for two months. democrats now the chance to vote on the bill as they say boehner promise. >> until now our speaker has head when the senate acts, we will have a vote in the house. that is what he said. that is what we expect. that is what the american people deserve. >> to forge a constructive solution
>>> a new congress is sworn in today, but the same old problems remain, including spending cuts, the debt limit, and gridlock. >>> and they'll face outrage after lawmakers failed this week to pass relief packages for victims of superstorm sandy. >> the house of representatives fail thad most basic test of public service and they did so with callus indifference with the suffering of the people of my state. >>> it's back to school for the students of sandy hook elementary. the students returned to class for the first time since last month's tragic shooting. >>> and anger in aurora. families of the colorado shooting victims lash out at what they call a disgusting offer from the theater owner. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, january 3rd, 2013. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. overnight president obama signed into law a just-passed bill that raises taxes on the wealthiest americans, avoiding the fiscal cliff that economists said would throw this country back into recession. the president signed the bill in hawa
for a family this morning in baltimore city. we've had breaking news since last night. >> abc2 news linda so is live on the scene this morning in northeast baltimore and linda, we understand five people were able to get out of the house? >> reporter: one of those persons was a pregnant woman. she was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. we moved our location to give you a better vantage point of the house and just how intention the fire was. you can see the siding is burned the windows busted. the door is goon. two people were killed in this fire. fire investigator tells us it was two men. five people got out safely. one of those persons a pregnant woman again she was take on the a local hospital to be evaluated. the first victim was found inside the house on the first floor. the second victim was discovered outside the basement door. we're hearing reports the victim initially got out but was trying to get back inside when he died. the fire broke out last night in the 3,000 block of montebello terrace. that's right off harford road in northeast baltimore right behind the safeway. when f
new year's eve. abc7 news reporter joins us from petaluma with the search warrants. >> south lake tahoe is where the search is focused. in petaluma ma the pictures of burn bun are -- alyssa byrne, 19 years old, 5' 3". black air. blue eyes. here is a better picture of alyssa byrne, a young woman, 19 years. a graduate of casa grande high school. she went for the snowglobe music festival and staying at the horizon hotels and lives with her folks in petaluma and always send as text to her mom. they argue sometimes but if that is the problem, all is forgive were. i want you do know you are not in trouble. i want you home. we want you home so we know you are safe. >> facebook page has been set up for alyssa byrne called find alyssa byrne. investigators have been checking out the surveillance video from the casinos up there and i do not have anything to report. they have talkd to her friends trying to find out what the series of events was. she was spotted at midnight in the hotel and not seen or heard from since. the investigation focusing on the south shore and if she comes home, all i
of you. if you're up just now -- >> it's still new year's eve. >> move slowly. get back into bed and thank you for joining us. always welcome here as we ring in this new year. >> that's right. happy new year. we'll get you going in 2013 with top picks for your health, both physical and financial, that you'll be very happy to have. that's all coming up. in just a bit. >> soulful new year's beat. nice and easy. to start the new year with full and honest disclosure, robin, george and lara are at home and taping this so we can be at home with our families too. a live check of all the morning's top stories. >>> thanks, sam. good morning, everyone, happy new year. i'm linsey davis. breaking news overnight from capital hill. working into the wee hours of the morning lawmakers in the senate have reached an agreement to reverse the fiscal cliff. abc's jonathan karl reports on the details from washington. >> reporter: at long last, they finally have a deal. late last night, vice president biden went to capitol hill to convince senate democrats to pass it. >> i think we'll get a very good v
to take in account the new laws that we think are being passed. >> reporter: house members are due back in the hospital at noon tomorrow and vote on the compromise bill that the senate just passed. sharon chen. >> reporter: breaking news out of sacramento tonight, five people have been shot at a new year's eve celebration along the river front. at least two have died. about 40,000 people were gathered for a fireworks show. so far there's no word on what triggered the shooting and there have been no arrests. police cancelled the midnight fireworks show that was scheduled tonight. >> an exciting and unexpected end to 2012 at international airport after a man hopped a fence and took off across the tarmac. it happened just before 8:00 tonight the man actually made it across two runways. and was headed for the terminal before police caught up with him. police do say that he suffered from a mental illness. >>> tens of thousands of the partiest are streaming in ready to ring in the new year. allysa harrington are in the embarcadero. >> it is a clear night, perfect for that fireworks show that
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